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About Us

KRA Group is a public affairs consulting firm with an ASEAN-wide focus that specializes in stakeholder relations, business advisory, strategic communication solutions, in-depth cross-market research and reputation management.

With more than twenty years experience, our team of experts assists clients in strategizing engagements with various stakeholders of interest to the clients such as politicians, government departments/agencies, shareholders, trade associations, think tanks, business groups, NGOs, local communities and the media. We help clients build and maintain a strong reputation and find common ground with their stakeholders in markets across Southeast Asia.

KRA goes the extra mile in providing services for our clients. We provide vital and constant information flow as well as in-depth analysis on issues which affect our clients, so that they are better equipped to manage the issues effectively in navigating through various terrains and crisis situations. Our clients come from various sectors including finance and banking, plantation, infrastructure, special economic zones, government, telecommunications, oil and gas and utilities.

Message From CEO

We now live in interesting times. The onset of the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 in the West and the remarkable rise of China and India have reshaped the global balance of power. We witnessed then, resilient Asian economies arguably ‘bailing out’ the West, lifting the world from global downturn. This episode emphasizes the growing importance of the East, and together with it brings the attention of the world, once again, to Southeast Asia: the roaring tiger economies of the 1990s, prior to the 1998 Asian Financial Crisis.

Geographically located between the two economic giants: China and India: Southeast Asian economies are today experiencing an upward economic trend. The region of 600 million people and a combined economy worth more than US $ 3 trillion has now regained its position as a favored investment destination.

Endowed with abundant natural resources, stable political climate, improved infrastructure, sound economic fundamentals and varied pool of human capital: the growth and business opportunities in the region are indeed limitless.

Given a projected average growth rate of above 5 percent over the next three years and united goal to integrate the economies by 2015, Southeast Asia is indeed the place to be.

With these interesting days in mind, we at KRA Group are positioned well at the heart of this growth centre. As a public affairs consultancy with an ASEAN-wide focus, our client- base varies from multinationals to private enterprises, corporate leaders to politicians from within and outside the region, facilitating activities across Southeast Asia.

Therefore, we at KRA Group invite you to explore the opportunities here with us. We sincerely believe that the future is bright, the future is for everyone and the future is Southeast Asia.

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